Huckfest 2014 is coming up fast as summer quickly fades into fall!

Since I started playing Ultimate some 8 years ago with my son and his high school friends, I quickly realized that  this sport excels far beyond all others. The go, go, go, of the game, the good sportsmanship in the rules, and the camaraderie are unparalleled by any other sports.

Huckfest is quickly approaching. Clear your calendars on November 1, 2014. If you are unfamiliar with it, Huckfest is a costume (encouraged) tournament and is played at Douglas Walker Park, Byron Center, Mi.

I’m sorry to say that there won’t be a new Huckfest disc this year. We just couldn’t get our arrangements confirmed in time to make production timing work.

From the organizer:

Hi Everybody,
      Huckfest XVII will be held at Douglas Walker Park on Saturday Nov.1st. Doors to the park open at 8 am. Games start 9am. Douglas Walker Park is on 84th st SW  Byron Center, Mi for anyone who doesn’t know where it is by now.
When you email me for a bid, please include your teams makeup(men, coed, women) and where you think you’ll finish(top 8, next 8, lower 8, bottom 8).
        Seeing I lost several hundred dollars hosting Huckfest XVI, the entry fee has been increased to $150/team the day of the tournament, and $125/team if I receive your tournament fee by Wednesday Oct 22nd at :

John Schwarz
1201 California st. apt 405
San Francisco, Ca 94109

High School teams can have a bid for $70/team before 10/22, and $80 day of the tournament. I estimate Huckfest will cost $4000 to host this year. 32 teams X $125 =$4000. I look forward to seeing all your costumes this year. Let the onslaught of emails begin.

The weirdest guy on the team,
Johnny Shorts

Summer is here and we are playing

Come on out to Pinewood Park Wednesday nights at 6:30 and join us.  Its been beautiful weather, but we haven’t had many nights yet with 8 or more people.  People are busy, I guess, but now that school’s done we should be getting good numbers.  We have a Google group set up now for easy communication by email (to estimate how many people we’ll have showing up) – click here to join the Google group and get on our email list.

Huckfest 2011 Info

Team roster:
Jeff VanDorp
Steve Colthorp
Scott Harmon
Alan Musch
Jim Booydegraaff
Reuben Sportel
Luke DeHaan
Andrew Bellanir
Eli Smith
Ryan Graffy
Corey Post
<reply with a comment and add your name if you’re planning on coming and/or I forgot you>
1 dark shirt and 1 light shirt (sweatshirts might be best)
Money ($10 for the team entry fee, $10 for a disc-iples disc)
Lawn chair or blanket if you want
A good attitude
Warm stuff: Hat / earmuffs / gloves
Fans – especially if they have food (or bring us pizza)
Where and When:
8:45 at Douglas Walker Park.  If you want to meet at my house and carpool come at 8:15 (captains meeting at 8:30)
We have a big white banner thanks to Scott so we’ll be easy to find.  We’ll be selling the discs there.  I’ll put out an advertisement email to the other teams and hopefully we’ll sell a bunch.

First post on the new website

Yay! Pretty excited to have a nice site up and running now, thanks to Steve Colthorp.  Wanted to get this up before Huckfest on Saturday.  And its pretty easy to edit and stuff – so some of you regular players can post and edit and whatever also.  Please leave a comment about feedback and ideas for improvement.