Huckfest 2011 Info

Team roster:
Jeff VanDorp
Steve Colthorp
Scott Harmon
Alan Musch
Jim Booydegraaff
Reuben Sportel
Luke DeHaan
Andrew Bellanir
Eli Smith
Ryan Graffy
Corey Post
<reply with a comment and add your name if you’re planning on coming and/or I forgot you>
1 dark shirt and 1 light shirt (sweatshirts might be best)
Money ($10 for the team entry fee, $10 for a disc-iples disc)
Lawn chair or blanket if you want
A good attitude
Warm stuff: Hat / earmuffs / gloves
Fans – especially if they have food (or bring us pizza)
Where and When:
8:45 at Douglas Walker Park.  If you want to meet at my house and carpool come at 8:15 (captains meeting at 8:30)
We have a big white banner thanks to Scott so we’ll be easy to find.  We’ll be selling the discs there.  I’ll put out an advertisement email to the other teams and hopefully we’ll sell a bunch.