DISC-iples West Africa: Globilization, Ultimate, and the Word

The DISC-iples West Afica team is a group of missionaries and their children who live and work in the mountains of West Africa. (Their specific locations is withheld for security reason)  They have been playing together since the Fall of 2010.  Despite there recent start they are arguably one of the top teams in the entire region.

While we loosely follow the guidelines and rules for Ultimate that is where the similarities with the game played in the States ends.  Instead of playing on a grassy field we play on a dry dusty field typically used for soccer matches.  Also, its not uncommon for animals, people, and motorcycles to cross the field in the middle of play.  Generally if they cross on the end where we are playing we pause play till they leave the field, otherwise play continues.

In addition to playing frisbee the various team members enjoy hiking, enjoying a plethora of different types of fruits both wild and cultivated, and bringing God’s word to people who have never heard it before.  To find out more about the mission work being done in this part of the world please check out this link. CRWM  Thanks!